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St. Germain Offers Tons of Excellent Fishing Opportunities 
on Tons of Excellent Fishing Lakes In Northeast Wisconsin
by  Naomi K. Shapiro

The northeastern Wisconsin community of St. Germain has been a prime
visitor destination for generations for those seeking the quiet and beauty of Wisconsin's northwoods.

Located between Minocqua & Eagle River on Highway 70, St. Germain
boasts outstanding year-round recreation, including biking, hiking, wildlife watching, snowmobiling, excellent festivals & celebrations, fine dining, plus a wide range of accommodations, including resorts, motels, and B & B's. 

But, in addition to these wonderful year-round activities, events, and wonderful, warm, helpful locals, the St. Germain area happens to be one of northern Wisconsin's premier fishing destinations!

Here's an overview of just a few of the outstanding fishing opportunities in the St. Germain area, to help you decide which "lunker" to go after when you come -- with thanks to Ken Jackson, lifelong St. Germain resident, guide, writer and outdoor commentator, who provided the information.    

So, get out your tackle and head to St. Germain.  You'll love it!

General Fish Population in the St. Germain Area:  

The St. Germain area boasts all gamefish species in abundant numbers, and certain lakes of the area providing trophies in each species category.  

Do note that locals as well as thoughtful visitors practice catch-and-release on almost everything caught, especially large fish, which insures an ongoing, sturdy, healthy fish population for all to enjoy.  Keep some for the frying pan -- but be considerate about maintaining this special resource for all to enjoy in years to come. 

Musky:  There are many "action" lakes for muskies in the St. Germain area.  Best ones include Little Arbor Vitae, Lost Lake, and Big St. Germain.  Narrowing it down, the best "trophy" lakes in the area are Big St. Germain and Little St. Germain.   Size ranges on Big St. Germain, according to Ken Jackson, include a  nice group between 41 to 47 inches.  Little St. Germain has fish exceeding 48 inches.   Generally, the "action" lakes will provide musky between 30 to 37 inches.

Walleye: Best walleye populations of the St. Germain area are found in Big St. Germain and the Rainbow Flowage, says Jackson, with lots of fish of size generally between 12 and 18 inches.  Largest walleyes in the area can be caught out of Little St. Germain, including fish over 10 pounds (those are the ones that should absolutely be released!)

Northern:  Pickerel Lake is the best lake in the St. Germain area for northern, Jackson says.  Many fish between 21 and 27 inches.  Trophy northern are found on Big St. Germain, but not that abundant.  Many big northerns are caught by musky anglers.  Northerns will go to 42 inches.  You'll get smaller northern all over the area.

Crappie:  For max. numbers of crappie in the St. Germain area, Jackson says go to Found Lake and Little St. Germain, which are full of crappies.  Average size is 9 to 12 inches.  Bigger crappie are found in Pickerel Lake, with crappie up to 14 inches; also some VERY big ones (up to 16 inches at times) in the Rainbow Flowage, but not a lot of them.

Smallmouth bass:  Those who are serious about smallie fishing in the St. Germain area will fish the  Rainbow Flowage-Wisconsin River system and Little St. Germain.   The important area of the Rainbow Flowage is upstream in the Wisconsin River system about 6 miles.  Sizes will go up to 21 inches, with healthy numbers.  And everyone releases smallies!

Bluegills:  Bluegills are found in virtually every lake in the St. Germain area, in goodly numbers.  Bigger bluegills are going to be found in Little St. Germain.  Many in the 6 to 7 inch range, but bull gills are there and exceed 10 inches.  You'll do a lot of sorting in most area lakes, but gills are lots of fun, providing action all the time.  The kids love to fish 'em.  

Perch: Big St. Germain and the Rainbow Flowage are where you want to be for perch fishing in the St. Germain area.  Jackson says perch on the Rainbow Flowage will go to 13 inches.  Big St. Germain has more numbers, but size will go to 11 inches.  The perch fishing in the area is always good, with action consistent even on medium-sized perch.

Special Note on the Rainbow Flowage in the St. Germain area:  

The Rainbow Flowage, an exquisite body of water just a click south of St. Germain, is part of the Wisconsin River system.  Outside of gills, the Rainbow Flowage generally produces bigger panfish (crappie and perch), than any other lake in the area.  

Also, as a special "bonus" for anglers, the Rainbow Flowage always has exquisite driftwood for those who enjoy something really special -- but don't be a hog.  Take a piece of driftwood and enjoy it,  BUT don't load up the back of your 4 x 4.  There's plenty for all.   Be thoughtful!

As you can see, St. Germain is a "can't-miss vacation spot for anybody
who wants to spend a weekend, or even a week or two," according to one
magazine editor/publisher.

For more information: on St. Germaine contact
St. Germain Chamber of Commerce, 800-727-7203 or 715-477-2205.
Box 155, St. Germain, WI 54558.
e-mail: chamber@st-germain.com  or info@st-germaine.com
website: www.st-germain.com
Naomi K. Shapiro, Creative Brilliance  715-794-2186 phone; 715-794-2180 FAX;
E-mail:  cre8vads@win.cheqnet.net;  website: http://northernwisconsin.com
Fishing guides and bait shops in the area (some of them may be seasonal) include: 

  • Ken Jackson, at Jackson's Lakeside Cottages: 715-479-5072 (resort, use

  • first); or 715-479-8640 (guide business). or e-mail  muski@nnex.net.
  • Del Zerbe, Sr., Tom Christensen, and other area guides through St. Germain Sport Marine, Main St. (Highway 70) in St. Germain Phone: 715-479-4930
  • Jeff's Guide Service, 715-385-9313
  • Lakeside Guide Service, 715-479-8640
  • Doug Schultz, 715-542-3281
  • Chuck Altamore, 715-477-0120;

  • Craig Engebretson, 715-542-3621.

    Naomi K. Shapiro is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of
    America (OWAA) and Wisconsin Outdoor Communicators (WOCA).  She is
    architect of the award-winning Northern Wisconsin / Northwoods Tourism,
    Travel & Outdoor Information Network On-line: www.
    northernwisconsin.com. e-mail = cre8vads@cheqnet.net

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