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Walleye Fishing on North Dakota’s Missouri River Spectacular
By Carl Madson

Every fall and spring, a massive migration occurs near Bismarck North Dakota on the Missouri River. This migration isn’t birds nor butterflies but walleye, a highly desirable game fish that are regarded by anglers far and wide. In fact, the fishing is so good for walleye on the Missouri River that many citizens call Bismarck home or move to this prospering community just for the fishing. This meandering river also beckons anglers from across the state and country.

While the Missouri River near Bismarck resembles the same river that Lewis and Clark saw, this large river now features several large hydroelectric dams that back up some of the largest reservoirs in the world. These huge reservoirs are home to some of the world’s best walleye fishing and each spring, nature calls. The natural instinct for this walleye population is to swim up the reservoir, up river in search of suitable spawning areas.

While this region of the country has been gripped with a drought for nearly a decade, this hasn’t impeded great fishing on Lake Oahe and the Missouri River above Lake Oahe all the way to the Garrison Dam. Despite less than ideal water conditions, the fishing just keeps getting better and there are several factors that contribute to this fishery. According to North Dakota Game and Fish Department Biologist, Greg Powers, there are several year classes of walleye available right now with many fish in the 21 to 23 inch range. “We also had great year classes in 2005, 2006 and 2007 which is unusual to have that great of recruitment for consecutive years,” added Powers. There is a strong population of walleye in the river and the river is literally a walleye factory with strong natural reproduction driving the population of both Lake Oahe and the Missouri River.

These fish grow fast on a diet of high calorie bait fish like gizzard shad. According to Powers, “the size and shape of these fish is impressive as there is plenty of forage for these fish.” While walleye get most of the attention, important to note that there are many channel catfish, white bass and smallmouth bass in the river for anglers to catch, according to the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

Boat ramps are available up and down the river so that anglers can access and take advantage of this world class resource. Unlike many major fishing destinations and other parts of the country, the Missouri River is unique in that it still resembles the same river of old. There are many stretches where you can almost imagine the countryside and river view that early explorers, Lewis and Clark witnessed. Canada geese patrol the numerous sandbars. Bald eagles are often seen overhead. Massive cottonwood trees line the river valley. And in this setting swim enough walleye to attract the attention of anglers far and wide.

One such angler who calls Bismarck home and takes advantage of this great fishing often, even winning some regional fishing tournaments held on the river is Kurt Schirado. Schirado is typical of many of the anglers who call this community home, they have a deep love and respect for this fishery and the fish who call this river home. They also partake in fishing every chance they get.

According to Kurt, “the fishing is usually great from April all the way up to the fourth of July but if you move further south, you can experience great fishing for walleye all summer.” Spring anglers typically focus on shallow current breaks caused by the numerous sandbars. “Most anglers use jigs tipped with minnows or Gulp! or they troll crank baits slowly upstream along these same current breaks.

Productive lures on the Missouri River include Rapala Shad Raps especially the Glass Shads along with Salmo Hornets. Most fish are caught between three to nine feet of water.

“Most of the time, I don’t even have to leave town to catch fish, there is great fishing right in Bismarck so you don’t have to go very far,” adds Schirado. The community of Bismarck is convenient for anglers because of the number of motels ranging from luxury to thrifty, great restaurants, and historical attractions. According to anglers like Kurt Schirado, walleye fishing has been excellent again this season and the crystal ball looks good. “Each year just seems to keep getting better,” added Schirado with a smile. While local anglers may be biased, fishing celebrities from across the region echo Schirado’s opinion.

According to fishing celebrity and television host, Jason Mitchell from the television show Jason Mitchell Outdoors, the Missouri River near Bismarck and Lake Oahe combine to make the region one of the premier walleye fishing destinations in the Midwest right now. “We love fishing both the river and the lake because of the beautiful scenery, great people and most of all, we know that we can always get some great footage,” explained Mitchell. Jason Mitchell recently filmed two strong television shows in one day on the river just south of Bismarck.

The angler joined up with several local anglers to quickly figure out the most productive locations. “Great fishing tends to create great anglers, explains Mitchell. We have had the opportunity to fish with some really great anglers from around the Bismarck area and their local insight and knowledge not only makes us more productive when we are filming but adds so much to the story.” According to Mitchell, the shows will appear across the Midwest next year (2009) early in the year.

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