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Whispers on the Water
 By Bob Riege

The first fingers of light claw across a dark sky and in the distance you hear the haunting call of the loon as it awakes to greet the dawning of a new day.  Water lapping at the shoreline almost rhythmic to a beginning march of a new day.  Being near the water is relaxing and promotes a feeling of well being.  Fishing also encompasses an unknown factor.  One is never certain when he will catch a fish, or what size the fish will be.  Hope springs eternal in the hearts of fishermen.  The water has a certain whisper, I believe, that calls all anglers to
it’s shores and I was never more aware of this than last summer.  Ginny, my wife and I decided to go on a fly in trip to Seseganaga Lake in Ontario.  After talking to some friends and looking into the area that would hold trophy walleyes and northern pike we decided to contact Ignace Outposts, Ltd. out of Ignace Ontario.  Brad and Karen Greaves are owners and operators of Ignace Outposts, Ltd.  The Greaves have worked hard for over a decade and a half to establish an unique tradition of fine Canadian hospitality. When you talk, they listen. If it is possible, they do it. They understand your vacation time is very
important. They want to make your dream an experience. According to Brad, "Our goal is to provide the highest quality remote wilderness adventure available, for a reasonable cost... to provide excellent value for your vacation dollar... and to provide the kind of service we would enjoy ourselves."
According to a recent Northern Ontario Remote Tourism Study performed by
the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism, Ignace
Outposts rated 92% in overall satisfaction of guests. A full 96% of their guests would recommend them and 84% will return to their establishment. Choosing a fly-in outfitter can be compared to choosing a fishing partner. No sense in spending the day in the boat with a guy who would rather be quilting. It is best to know what you want in a trip and then seek an outfitter who will exceed
your expectations. At Ignace Outposts, they've been exceeding expectations
for years. They've been in this business long enough and enjoy what they do enough to be able to combine the best of the best for the best.  I was so impressed when I met themand their attention to detail was unbelievable.  In fact, they give a booklet to each client that is going on a fly-in as a tool for
preparation.  This booklet contain everything from how much gear to pack, to what you could expect from the facility, cabin/lake that youwere planning to stay at.  When we decided to go to Seseganaga, we weretold that there was a caretaker, by the name of John who would see that our boat was ready, that there was gas for the stove and refrigerator,and instructions on how to operate the solar lights.  John DesChamps,our caretaker was a pleasant unobtrusive man who had a lot of knowledgeof the lake and the environment.  John told us stories of the caribou,bear, and the fish that were caught over the years, plus he made surethat we were comfortable and not lacking anything during our stay at
Seseganaga. Once at the cabin Ginny and I stowed our gear and it was out to do somefishing.  We hadn’t gone very far from the cabin and I notice on my
Bottom Line graph that we  had just cruised over a hump or a sunken island.  We had tied on live bait rigs and tipped them with a leech.  We hadn’t gone five feet when I heard Ginny say " I got one."  She brought a nice 22" walleye to the surface and we quickly admired the fish took a few pictures and released it to fight another day.  I should also mention, that Brad and Karen highly recommend that this camp be a "catch and consume" lake.  We would have plenty of opportunity to eat some smaller walleyes as the day progressed, so we only took what we could eat for supper and took some great pictures then released all the rest. The sunken island is sometimes refer to as a reef, a hump, maybe even a mud flat.  These raised structural elements are a variation in the floor of the lake.  For example you can be running across your favorite lake
looking at you depth finder and see the bottom come up from 40 feet deep
to a 5 foot range.  Seseganaga has a lot of these mid lake humps and sunken islands.  In fact, the lake is so full of structure a person would be hard pressed to fish it all in a life time. In  the summer months walleyes like to move out over deeper water but will identify with some type of structure for food and protection. Minnows begin cruising the shallows and weed growth attracts more and more minnows as well as walleyes, in large numbers.  This island allows
escape routes for walleyes to sink deeper into the depths of the lake or out of the penetration of light. In stained lakes and in turbid water sometimes it might be the middle of the day before enough light penetrates to get the food chain started.  Many types of artificial lures work for walleyes, but most fish are
caught on live bait. Leeches and nightcrawlers are used during summer months, and will catch fish throughout the season.  I prefer to backtroll to slow down the presentation and many times I will even slip the outboard into neutral once in awhile to offer a slower presentation.  Remember to use a pause-serge-pause presentation, this allows fish to move up to shallow running bait, plus it gives a
vertical jigging presentation to  your live bait rigs.  As the day drew to a close we watched the sun dip below the horizon. The quiet of the evening brought back the days activities and the fish that we caught.  But, much more important than that we experienced the absolute quiet that the wilderness had to offer and then I realized that the whispers on the water were just that the peacefulness, the tranquility of trees, the eagles, the water lapping at the shoreline, and the violent eruption of a northern pike as it engulfs its prey at the surface.  These sights and sounds cannot be duplicated in every day life.  Fishing in Seseganaga is more than fishing.  It is an adventure that puts you in touch with the very essences of whispers on the water.  For more information, contact Ignace Outposts LTD, Ignace Airways Brad and Karen Greaves, Box 244 IGNACE ONTARIO, P0T1T0 CANADA 1-807-934-2273 office, 1-807-934-6647 fax or on the web at: flyin@ignaceoutposts.com or www.ignaceoutposts.com.

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