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RCL Championship the biggest Walleye purse in history

RCL 2001 On-Line Entry Form
RCL 2001 tournament Rules 
RCL 2001 tournament Yamaha Cash bonus
Priority registration for Operation Walleye events to commence March 26 
General RCL registration begins March 27
RCL2001 Schedule, lodging and event  information
RCL Pro angler entry fee and purse
RCL Co-angler entry fee and purse
RCL + Operation Bass signs Mercury Marine as new Outboard Sponsor
RCL + Operation Bass signs Yamaha Marine as new Outboard Sponsor
RCL + Operation Bass signs MinnKota as new  Sponsor 
RCL announce new tournament circuit 12/21/00
Scott Glorvigen nails down Walleye fishing's Richest tournament
Championship field cut to six Illinois's John Campbell leads the way
Top 30 Pro-Anglers
Top 30 Co-Anglers
Big Fish Winners Pro side
Big Fish Winners Co-Angler side
The RCL What a show by Randy Tyler
Press Release June 20,2000
Contact Information

Contact Information
  • Operation Walleye
  • 88 Moors road
  • Gilbertsville Kentucky 42044
  • Phone 270-36205225
  • Fax 270-362-9856
  • website  www.operationwalleye.com
  • Tournament director Sonny Reynolds
  • E-mail Sonny Reynolds 
    Wal Mart Always low prices RCL Championship the biggest Walleye purse in history Walleye Official Rules 2001

  •  These rules will remain unchanged during the year 2001 RCL Walleye Circuit and Championship. Rule interpretation will be left exclusively to the tournament director. The decisions of the tournament director are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal. Protests must be made in writing within 30 minutes of the official check-in time of the final flight
    of each tournament day.

  • Pro-angler participants must be the registered owner of a Ranger, Crestliner or Lund boat and must fish out of a Ranger, Crestliner or Lund boat. Co-angler participation is open to the general public with an early entry date for RCL owners. It will be the responsibility of anglers to submit their application and
    deposits in accordance with the procedures outlined below. Participation is open only to anglers who are 16 years of age or older. Any person entering a tournament under the age of majority must also have the signature of their parent or legal guardian in the provided space on the entry form. A completed entry form and the complete entry fee must be received no later than the published deadline for each tournament. Each qualify-ing tournament will be limited to 350 contestants (175 boats) 75 Ranger, 25 Crestliner, and 75 Lund. In order to assure a full field of anglers, if any manufacturer’s slot does not fill, participation
    may be offered to other anglers. Entries received after a tourna-ment or manufacturer’s slot has filled will be placed on a wait-ing list. Pros may submit a $500 deposit to hold their spots. Co-Anglers may submit a $250 deposit to hold their spots. For Pro-anglers who enter all four qualifying events and Co-anglers that are RCL owners, a non-transferable, non-refundable deposit will be accepted to hold a Pro or Co-Angler spot for tournaments beginning 8:00 a.m. Central Time, March 26, 2001. For other entries, a non-transferable, non-refundable deposit will be accepted to hold a spot for a tournament beginning 8:00 a.m. Central Time, March 27, 2001. Deposits may be made by mail, phone, fax, or on-line at www.operationwalleye.com. Entry fees
    (minus the deposit amount) may be transferred or refunded pro-vided notification is received by Operation Walleye prior to the entry deadline. Entry fees will not be transferred or refunded after the entry deadline. Deposits may not be transferred or refunded at anytime. Those placed on the waiting list that are
    not accepted into the tournament will receive a full refund after the tournament. Operation Walleye will accept late entries. Late entries must be accompanied by a $25.00 non-refundable ser-vice charge and submitted no later than 6:00 p.m. local time (time at the tournament site) the day before the tournament. POINTS STANDINGS - 200 points will be awarded to the winner of each qualifying event, 199 to 2nd, 198 to 3rd, etc. All anglers who receive weight credit will receive points.

  • From the RCL Circuit the top 15 Ranger owners, the top 5 Crestliner owners, the top 15 Lund owners and the top 35 Co-anglers from each event will qualify for the RCL Championship.  Operation Walleye must receive a completed championship entry form and a deposit within 15 days of each qualifying event
    (within 6 days for the final RCL event). If any qualifier is unable to attend or has already qualified for the Wal-Mart RCL Championship, the next angler on the appropriate standings list will be eligible. From other sanctioned events a minimum of 60 Pro and 60 Co-angler positions will be available. Pro-angler participation is open only to registered Ranger, Crestliner and Lund owners
    who participate as boaters in authorized tournaments. Co-angler participation is open to anyone who participates in authorized tournaments. It will be the responsibility of qualify-ing anglers to submit their application in accordance with the procedures outlined below. In order to be eligible, the Ranger, Crestliner or Lund boat owner must fish out of a Ranger, Crestliner, or Lund, (except for amateurs or co-anglers) be the registered owner of a Ranger, Crestliner, or Lund and must have purchased their boat prior to qualifying for the RCL Walleye
    Championship. Qualification for the RCL Walleye Championship begins March 31, 2001 and ends August 26, 2001. Anglers can fish only one division (Pro or Co-Angler) and occu-py only one slot. Anglers who register must complete and sub-mit an entry form within 15 days of the qualifying event which contains the following information: Qualifying event and date, place of finish and weight, copy of boat title or bill of sale and current boat registration w/boat and outboard model and year (boat documentation needs to be submitted only once.) Anglers
    may register after every sanctioned event they compete in until they are confirmed. No deposit is due when registering for the RCL Championship. Available slots will be filled from standings. Qualifying anglers will be sent a letter of confirmation and given a deposit and balance deadline date. Operation Walleye will maintain a waiting list (based on place of finish) for each sanc-tioned
    organization, if any angler fails to submit their deposit or balance by the due date, the next angler on the waiting list will become eligible. In order to assure a full field of 400 anglers, if any of the eligible anglers choose not to enter, participation
    may be offered to other Ranger, Crestliner, or Lund owners competing in the selected walleye tournaments, beginning September 12, 2001. (The possibility exists that there may be more than 400 anglers that compete in the RCL Walleye

  • There will be no off-limits period prior to any RCL Walleye qualifying event. No contestant may enter the tournament waters for the purpose of catching or locating fish or locating possible fishing locations after the pre-tournament meeting or after tournament hours. The purchasing of information or the hiring of services will not be permitted after the entry/balance date for each event (September 12, 2001 for the Wal-Mart RCL Championship).

  • Each contestant must register in person at the designated site during the official registration hours 3-6 p.m. local time (the day before the tournament). Registration for the RCL Walleye Championship will be from 1-6 p.m. local time, Tuesday, October 2nd. Contestants registering between 6:00-6:15 p.m. will
    receive a two pound penalty for the first day of the tournament. Any contestant more than 15 minutes late will forfeit his entry fee and will not be entered in the tournament. It is mandatory that all contestants attend the pre-tournament meeting, which will be held at 6:30 p.m. local time. Being late for the pre-tourna-ment meeting will result in a 2-pound penalty for the first day of
    the tournament. Any contestant not present for partner pairings will forfeit his entry fee and will not be entered in the tourna-ment.
  • 6. PAIRINGS • 

  • Partners will be paired by draw. All contestants must meet with their assigned partners when drawn at the pre-tournament meeting. Partners should advise each other of their respective lodging and phone numbers and establish a meeting
    time and place for the following morning's take-off. Contestants should meet their assigned partner at least 30 minutes prior to their official take-off time. The tournament director, at his sole discretion, may reassign partners prior to the morning take-off.
  • 7. SAFETY • 

  • Safe boating will be observed at all times. During competition, each contestant is required to wear a fastened U.S. Coast Guard approved PFD anytime the main combustion engine is in operation above idle. All boats must be equipped with an emergency ignition shut-off device that must be secure-ly attached to the driver’s body whenever the main combustion engine is in operation above idle. Each boat is required to have a fully functional marine band base radio and adequate fixed
    antenna (hand held radios are allowed only as back-up units). The use of mobile communication devices such as cellular tele-phones, marine radios, walkie-talkies, CBs, etc., to communi-cate fishing information during tournament hours is strictly pro-hibited. Tournament days may be shortened or canceled due to unsafe weather or water conditions. The decision to shorten or to can-cel
    will be left totally to the discretion of the tournament direc-tor.

  • All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and conservation and to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to
    themselves, to Operation Walleye, the sport of fishing, Operation Walleye sponsors or Operation Walleye’s efforts to promote that sport. Examples of conduct not complying with those standards include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages or any mind-altering substance during the pre-tournament meeting or during tournament hours extending through the weigh-in proce-dure. Intoxication will be cause for immediate disqualification.
    • Abuse or addiction to, mind-altering substances.
    • Conviction of a felony within the past 36 months.
    • Any other words, conduct or actions reflecting unfavorably on Wal-Mart RCL Walleye Official Rules Wal-Mart RCL Walleye Official Rules Operation Walleye, Operation Walleye’s tournaments or the sponsors of those tournaments or reflecting unfavorably upon efforts to promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition and compliance with tournament rules. In case of any conduct not complying with the standards, Operation Walleye shall have the right to refuse any application, or to deny a confirmed application by returning the deposit or
    entry fee of a previously accepted application, or to disqualify a contestant.

  • The Pro division angler will have com-plete control of boat operation and waters to be fished. The Professional will provide his Co-Angler partner with all presentation equipment such as downriggers, planer boards, side planers, rods, reels, bait, line and terminal tackle. Co-Anglers are not permitted to bring any tackle into the Pro’s boat. Co-Anglers who share their Pro partner’s fishing locations with any other competitors will be disqualified along with the person uti-lizing this information.

  • All boats must be a minimum of 17’ in length. All boats must be equipped with
    either wheel or tiller steering. No other steering devices will be permitted. No barges or similar cumbersome crafts will be per-mitted. Each boat must have all required U.S. Coast Guard safe-ty equipment. Boats must contain a properly aerated livewell space to maintain alive a limit catch of fish. Maximum horse-power for all outboards used in tournament competition will be 250 horsepower, not to exceed the horsepower limitations set by the U. S. Coast Guard. Each boat must have an U.S. Coast Guard horsepower rating plate attached to the boat by the man-ufacturer. The horsepower of the outboard engine must not exceed the rating specified on this rating plate or the 250 horse-power maximum. By signing the entry form, contestants agree to submit their boats and/or motors to an inspection by factory trained personnel. Falsifying information on entry forms or altering the horsepower numbers on the motor or rating plate will be cause for disqualification from the tournament and may
    result in future ineligibility to enter Operation Walleye tourna-ments. Fuel may be carried only in factory installed (built-in) fuel tanks. Any additional fuel used during the tournament day must be purchased from a retail facility open to the public.

  • All fish must be caught live in a conventional sporting manner. Live bait may be used. No more than two fishing rods per angler may be used at a
    time. Trolling is permitted.

  • Contestants may fish anywhere accessible by boat, except areas designated as "off-limits" or "no fishing" by local, state or federal officials or with-in 50 yards of any marina gas pump or within any other competitor's first marked fishing area. A marked "fishing area", is defined as a 50-foot diameter area centered with a marker buoy. The contestant must remain within his marked area and may
    leave only to play and land a fish. When limited out or not fishing, the marker must be picked up. A marked area may be navi-gated through if it restricts or blocks access to other fishable waters. All angling must be conducted from the boat. At no time may a contestant leave the boat to land a fish or to make
    the boat more accessible to fishing waters. The boat must remain in the tournament waters during the tournament day. Contestants must leave and return to the official checkpoint by boat. No tournament boat may be loaded on the trailer before the weighing of fish except with the permission of the tourna-ment
    director. In the event of equipment failure or emergency, there will be only two permitted methods of returning to the official check-in: 
    (1) by both partners remaining in their boat and being towed by water, or 
    (2) by both partners entering the boat of another RCL Walleye tournament contestant. Under these two conditions the contestants’ catches may be counted without penalty (except late penalties, dead fish penalties or any other penalties pertaining to any other tournament rules). Contestants who elect to return to the official check-in by any other means than cited above will forfeit that day's catch to that point in time of the tournament day. Any contestant returning to the check-in point will be eligible to restart and resume competition only under the supervision of the tournament director or his desig-nated tournament official. It is the sole responsibility of contes-tants to locate the tournament director to request a restart. Partners must remain together at all times and within sight of
    each other until the weigh-in slip is signed in order for their catch for that day to be counted. In the case of male/female partners sharing a boat, the momentary condition of being out of sight of each other to use the restroom is permitted. If a contestant must violate any part of this rule due to an emergency or for any other reason, their catch for that day will not be count-ed.

  • There will be only one official checkpoint for boat check in the morning and one official checkpoint for check-in in the afternoon. Failure to go through boat check and checkout in the morning or failure to check-in at the check-in point will result in disqualification. All fishing must cease upon check-in.
  • 14. SCORING • 

  • The combined pounds and ounces of both con-testants’ catch will determine scoring during the tournament. Only walleye, sauger or saugeye are accepted species. Pros and Co-Anglers will fish together for the maximum boat weight.
    Each partner will carry the combined daily "boat" weight into the second competition day. First round weights (Day 1 and 2) will not carry over to Day 3. Day 3 weights will not carry over to Day 4. The limit will be five (5) fish per boat per day unless the state or lake limit is less than five (5), in which case the state or
    lake limit will prevail. At no time may contestants possess more than the tournament limit. Contestants who possess more than the tournament limit will have their catch for that day disquali-fied. The official minimum length limit for walleye will be fourteen (14) inches unless the state or lake limit is over fourteen

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