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RAM 111-U the ultimate electronics mount
Ram 111-U The ultimate Electronics mount 
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  • Only Sea Anchor Fully adjustable from boat
  • (tournament model only DC-AS-40 and DC-AS-60 only)
  • Easy To Retrieve
  • Inflates in seconds every time
  • No Tangling or Spinning
  • Control Speed of drift within boat
  • Make another pass without retrieving
  • Drift Control Sea Anchors are easy to use
    You will need two ropes approximately 3/8" in diameter.  Attatch 1 rope to tow rope
    Simple two step operation
    Run the other rope through the cylinder between the upper and lower tow straps Do not run the rope through the tow rope ring

    When placing in the water make sure the control rope is longer than the tow rope

    To deploy pull the control rope ring towards the marker on the upper tow strap.  Do not pull the control rope ring past the marker or you will pull it inside out

    Drift Control slows drift and stabilizes boat.  Tie the sock near the bow of the boat to decrease dift speed.  Minimize side to side stability .  You'll fish deeper with less weight and at the speed you desire

    Makes backtrolling more precise.  tie the sock to the bow to prevent swaying.  You will enhance boat control and fish your pattern not the winds.  If your motor fails in high winds tie the sock to the bow using a long tow rope and increase your safety by keeping tghe bow headed into the wind
    Use with you bow mounted electric trolling motor by tying to the stern of the boat.  This adds more precise boat control and allows you to follow the contour of the shoreline or hold on structure
    Drift Control New Floating Harness Buoy

    Drift Sock Harness Buoy

    Drift Sock Harness Buoy, provides a multiple attachment system, allowing an angler simple and effective placement in varying conditions.The strap is made of a 2 inch nylon strap,heavy-duty quick release clip, high visibility styrofoam float, and a carabineer."This Harness Buoy is an attachment system for use with any Drift Sock!"
    Walleyes Inc special closeout prices on Drift control DCAS Tournament series adjustable drift socks. DCAS 60 for up to 20' boats supreme durability and the ability to adjust the size according to conditions . Hurry limited Quantities at a great price


    Item # DCAS 60S

    Drift Control Tournament  Series Wind sock

    Item Name : 
    Drift Control Drift Sock Boats 20' and up. Fully Adustable tournament model
    Intended for for use in boats 20 feet in length and up.
    Price $74.95
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    Item # :
    Item Name :
    Drift Control Drift Sock AS-60. with Drift Sock Harness Buoy Fully Adustable tournament model
    Price $92.95
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    New Item 
    Magnum Drift sock the MS-100 for Boats up to 20'  in length and the new MS-150 for boats over 20'  and comes with the New Drift Sock Harness Buoy
    The innovative construction of the Magnum Series is designed for use in the most extreme angling conditions! One-inch Nylon straps offer added  support. The unique flotation device and bottom weights provide for faster deployment and prevents rotation. Durable, coated Rip-stop Nylon stops the drift sock from pulsating; therefore, creating more drag than other drift socks of the same diameter
    Drift Control Magnum drift sock
     Has a continuous float sewn in across the top of the sock for instant opening
    Drift Control Magnum Drift sock
    3 Sizes DCMS-40" diameter for boats 16-18' 'DC MS-48" for boats up to 20' and DCMS 60" diameter for boats over 20' in length
    Drift Control Magnum Drift sock
    Made from rigid coated rip stop nylon 
    Weight sewn into cone and the bottom of the large aperture to assist in easy deployment. 
                                  Guaranteed never to rip or tear. 
                                 Includes the Drift Control Harness Buoy and a dump line in package. 
    Item # :
    Item Name 
    Magnum Drift Control Drift Sock with harness buoy  Intended for boats up to 16-18'
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    Item # :
    Item Name 
    Drift Control Drift Sock with harness buoy  Intended for boats up to 20' Formerly Model MS-100
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    Item # :
    Item Name 
    Drift Control Drift Sock with harness buoy  Intended for boats over 20' Formerly model MS-150
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    Survivior Livewell Intake System on the Run
    Survivor Livewell Intake System on 
    "The Run" 
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