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Fishing report from Walleyes Inc for the Lake shore tackle Saugatuck Michigan last update September 15, 2015
Fishing Report Thursday September 14th 2015
As you may have noticed, the late temperatures have dropped below 60 Degrees by the piers in both Holland and Saugatuck. Fish are starting to stage in front of the pier heads before making their run up the rivers. They have not shown up in huge numbers yet, but numbers should grow as the week goes on. Plugs and spoons are by far working the best at the moment. Some Salmon are being caught in the Kalamazoo River between Downtown Saugatuck and the Pier heads. There have also been reports of fish being caught near New Richmond. Stop in and let us get you geared up for both the Lake and the Rivers! Please take note of our Fall Hours starting Tuesday September 15th.

Store Hours
Tuesday-Friday- 10AM-6PM
Saturday- 10AM-2PM
Closed Sunday and Monday (September 14th is our last Monday open until Spring 2016)

Pier Head Fishing
Depth 20-30ft of Water
Target Depth Top 10-15ft of water

Best Offshore Depth of Water (From Port Sheldon to South Haven 1 Mile South of Saugatuck)
70-90ft Good Numbers of Kings from Sunrise-9am
Fish For Lake Trout After 9am
Target Depth Range 40-60ft Down

Best Rod/Reel Set Ups for Pier Heads

Slide Divers or #1 Divers- 20-30ft Back on 3 Setting With Plugs or Spoons
2 Color, 3 Color or 50ft, 75ft Coppers
5-15ft Down

Best Rod/Reel Set Ups for Offshore Fishing

High Divers (3 setting) 100-140ft Back with Flashers and Flies or Plugs
Low Divers (1 Setting) 60-110ft Back with Meat Rigs for Kings or Tin Can/Spin and Glow for Trout
200,300ft Coppers
5,7,10 Color Lead Core
40-60 Down For Kings
Bottom For Lake Trout

Top Meat Rig Combos
Kevins Girlfriend Spin Doctor with Big Weenie JJ's Boyfriend Meat Rig (Low Divers)
Big Weenie Brand Kavorka Combo (Low Divers)
Chrome Mt. Dew Big Weenie Combo (High Diver)

Top Spindoctor/Fly Combos
Various Spin Doctors/Flies are working, no rhyme or reason for one to work over another.

Top Plugs
Silver Horde Ace High Ghost
Silver Horde Ace High Green Splatter
Silver Horde Ace High Lucky Charm Chome
Silver Horde #5 Wonderbread J Plug
Silver Horde #5 Chrome Redhead J Plug
Mongoose J Plug #5
Stop in to see other Hot Colors for your area!!

This will be the last fishing report for the Season.. Please call for up to date fishing information! Special thanks to all of you who have supported our business as well as those who contribute to the fishing report each week!! Good Luck Out There!!
Lakeshore Tackle and Firearms
(269) 857-2248
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