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Fishing report from Walleyes Inc for the Florida Key's last update October 11, 2015

Florida Keys Fishing Report
Provided by:
(this report may be reproduced in any media format as long as credit is given
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This past week was very windy and with the kids just going back to school, charter customers are few and far between.  The blue water action should be similar to what was going on last week which was very good action on the humps with Blackfin Tuna of all sizes from small to jumbo.  Captains had been cast netting Pilchards and live bait chumming on the hump to provoke the Tuna into a feeding frenzy.  There were a few good catches of Dolphin reported, but the fish were found well over 20 miles offshore, due to the west wind we had all week.  We are getting to the time of year when the frontal boundaries will bring breezes and downright strong winds from the west and north and that will effectively end Dolphin fishing.  That is just our change of season here in the Keys and will bring different opportunities for anglers.
With those changes the reef will be the place to fish Oceanside.  Our wintertime species have begun show up on the reef and they would be the Sailfish and King mackerel.  Captain Paul on the Reef Runner has gotten into the Kingfish a couple of times, but said they were on the small side.  There have been some Sailfish caught this past week too.  Look for good bottom fishing on live bottom areas and rubble all along the reef.  Grouper and all manner of Snapper [Mutton, Mangrove and Yellowtail] will provide good action as the season changes and water cools.
Gulf and Bay:
There are still lots of Tarpon in Florida Bay and along the banks that bound the Gulf.  They will roam up on the shallow banks and in the channels feeding in the moving tide.  Drifting the 4 to 8 foot depths jigging will yield Mangrove Snapper and some Trout.  Due to the overpopulation of Pinfish it is best to use the Berkley Gulp baits on the jig.  It will be one cast one bait if you use live Shrimp.   Up shallow you can go to a popping cork to suspend the bait above the grass.
Flats, Backcountry and Flamingo:
The backcountry water is pretty clean considering the rainy season often discolors the water either as red tannic or a smoky mud.  There is not much fishing going on along the shoreline in the central bay, but Flamingo has been pretty good.  Snook and Redfish have been on the feed even with the super high water condition we have had all week.  Baits of choice have been Shrimp, Pinfish and Pilchards.  Captain Lou Brubaker fished last week and said all the bites came on Shrimp, even though they fished lots of Pinfish.  Captain Bob Baker took a trip out to East Cape Sable last week and fished the beaches and creeks.  Bob had some Snook action, but he was most excited about finding schools of Mackerel and ladyfish under birds a quarter mile off of the Cape sable Beaches. 


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