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Fishing report from Walleyes Inc for the Florida Key's last update August 27, 2013

Florida Keys Fishing Report
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A very breezy week made for a slow offshore report this week.  Blackfin Tuna on the Islamorada hump were the target of many that did run into the blue water at only about a twelve mile ride from the islands.  Captain Don on the K Kay IV caught a bunch of nice Tuna and got into a good pack of nice Dolphin at around 16 miles.  Captain Mel on the Gotcha out of Post Card Inn found Dolphin from 16  to 20 miles and had a box full of school fish as well as a couple of big gaffer Dolphin in the twenties in weight.  When in the blue water looking for Dolphin we usually find the fish being pursued by small black birds.  Keep an eye out for bait fish in grass and even free swimming bait or baitfish “showering” absent of birds, as this will tell you that you are in the “zone”.
Yellowtail Snapper fishing is one of the favorite activities of reef anglers.  This week one of Islamorada’s own, Captain Kerry “Zilla” Price passed away.  Captain Kerry fished the Islamorada area for nearly four decades.  Zilla was a master of the Yellowtail and with his great personality and talent was a joy to know and to fish with.  He will be sorely missed.  
Gulf and Bay:
At nearly 27 miles west of Islamorada the near gulf is one abundant area to fish.  Beyond the “Yacht Channel” that is the boundary of Everglades National Park is a relatively shallow very fertile and target rich environment for anglers.  Seasonally there are many different species to angle for and this time of year we are knocking on the door of some very fun fishing.  In a few short weeks the Spanish Mackerel will show up and you may get tired of hearing about them in this report.   That is how significant the Mackerel is in fall and winter fishing.  At this date trap buoys are being set in the gulf for Lobster and soon Stone Crab.  One of the tastiest fish, the Tripletail will sulk under those floats and a Shrimp cast just right is how to entice him to feed.  Soon Cobia will be in the mix and be found near any structure such as markers and wrecks.  At present the Seatrout and Mangrove Snapper are abundant and biting well in the gulf and open areas of the bay.
Flats, Backcountry and Flamingo:
The very warm water in the backcountry moves some species to deeper water and some love the hot water.  Those lovers include Tarpon and Redfish and Snook.  In the Flamingo are Tarpon will be in the deeper channels and also they will be swimming shallow enough to have their backs out of the water.  Stealth is the name of the game this time of the year.  Whether you stake out and fish one specific area or move the boat along with a pole go slow and be quiet.  Artificial baits as well as live bait such as Pinfish, Crabs and Pilchards will all do the trick
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