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Fishing report from Walleyes Inc for the Florida Key's last update January 25, 2015

Florida Keys Fishing Report
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There were no reports from any blue water activities this past week.  For those who would like to get into some Dolphin, the reef will give up some Mahi here and there throughout the winter.  On the calm day with an onshore breeze try for the Mahi by trolling feathers or lures from the reef out to maybe 300 feet of water looking for slicks that indicate current changes.  There may also be decent Blackfin Tuna in those depths.
While the Sailfish activity has been somewhat sporadic so far, there are Sails being caught every day all along the reef.  Captain Rick on the Seahorse returned to the dock last week one day with six Sailfish release flags flying.  Deck technician, Jeremy described the catch as one double and four singles, all released after an incredibly acrobatic battle on 20# spinning gear.  Some captains are getting into the Yellowtail Snapper quite well from Alligator reef up to Conch reef.  King mackerel are in good supply and are for the most part in the lower part of the water column in depths from 90 to 200 feet.   With live baits down deep there have been some Mutton Snapper and Red Grouper caught also.  Remember that Grouper season closed January 1st. 
Gulf and Bay:
Once again, it is all about the Spanish Mackerel.  There have been some Cobia caught while Mackerel fishing as a bonus for some.   Captain Lou Brubaker fished the Mackerel with two couples from the Philadelphia area.  The Captain fished farther to the Northwest than usual as the schools of Mackerels seemed to be more concentrated there.  “The bite was actually to much to keep up with”, tells Lou.  “The Mackerel were so aggressive that we lost probably twenty rigs as the fish streaked around a hooked fish and cut the line behind the wire”.  There were some little Groupers, nice Mangrove, Muttons, Lane and even some small Yellowtails in the mix. 
Flats, Backcountry and Flamingo:
Backcountry anglers are finding Snook and Redfish in the Flamingo area.  It has been a little slow for most, perhaps with the recent full moon. {One of the many good excuses available to fisherman} Out around Cape Sable some guides have been fishing the canals and along the beaches and finding a mixed bag.  If one has the thirst for Tarpon, get to the Cape.  Drift live bait along the beaches or even anchor dead bait for Tarpon and perhaps a Shark.   There are Black Dum and Sheepshead in the hard bottom areas in the deep channels.  Live Shrimp is all it takes, but to supplement your bait supply with Pinfish may just get you into that “movie star” you need to complete your day.
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