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Fishing report from Devils Lake on Walleyes Inc. Your one stop internet fishing source. Last Update June 14, 2009
For more information: Greg Schoneck for ND Live.
Google Earth GPS locations and audio reports go to :
Greg is a ND Fishing Guide and can be contacted at: 701-720-0447 or or e-mail
Ya, I know - huge!
At the 5 am alarm it never entered my mind. When it comes to fishing, wind is your friend. Today we find out if this is true. The early morning trip over to Devils Lake was easy on the mileage with 20 mph plus pushing the mini-van east to Devils Lake. The plan was to hit the water in search of above average northern, something I know nothing about when it comes to Devils Lake. I stopped for the morning radio report with Phil and Jason and then it was off to Ed’s bait to meet Boyd who is my big fish guide for the day.
Wind has the lake in an uproar so as Boyd and I discussed earlier plan B was to shore fish the Devils Lake area. Again, something I know very little about. That is soon to change! First stop is a bridge that does not look all that impressive. Lots of current, in fact my guess would be too much current and by no means a big drainage. I’m getting rigged up while being constantly interrupted by two other fishermen who were already at the bridge as we pulled up. They are getting a fish every single cast! By the time I get a jig tied on Boyd has his first fish, a Devils Lake White Bass. OK, what is priority here the camera or getting this jig tied. After a few pictures it’s back to the reason I’m here. First cast, first fish, why can’t it always be this easy.
Ten to fifteen bass later we are back in the truck and off to the next bridge. Boyd is always first in and again rewarded with first fish. I may be slow but I’m consistent. First cast and –yep, White Bass. A guy could get to liking this. It’s not just first cast it is almost every cast! With fast water you need to read the current and look for the break. Drop a jig in and just like a mathematical formula, same results every time. Fish. While I like a challenge I have to admit I really like easy fishing.
Within twenty minutes we are back in the truck on the way to a northern location. Best spot of the day and I didn’t even put in a line. A retirement party is in full swing with lures being tossed around that date back to my fishing days as a kid, prime material for the Antique Road Show. Tackle boxes are opened wide for easy access and it looks like the 5 of diamonds is still in fashion with stringers of northern as proof. I had as much fun here as at any of the stops. Landing a fish does more than fill the frying pan. It fills our hearts. I left this bridge with a full tank.
Every lake has a personality and Devils Lake likes jigs and tails. Don’t seem to matter much what kind, some work better at times than others. Just make sure you have an assortment. We used heavy jigs because of the current, up to ½ once. A leader may be a good idea if you don’t like feeding lead to the northern. This is fishing at its simplest. There is no better place to teach kids the basics like casting, jigging and setting the hook. Opportunity is nearly every cast.
I normally pass on a GPS location but this week I’m forwarding a tip that will be more helpful. Get on Google Earth and do an aerial survey of Devils Lake. Start 20 miles west at Minnewauken and work 20 miles north of Hwy 2. Head east of the town of Devils Lake for yet another 20 miles. Ya, I know - huge! Unbelievable opportunity. Look for drainages going into and out of the lake. Find the bridges, make a map and you’re ready for action.
We put up with 20 mph winds all day and I hardly noticed. Six bridges and all but one gave me a fish on the first cast. No bridge left us without fish. I’m reminded, when it comes to fishing wind is your friend. This is a family vacation waiting to happen. Fishing does not get easier, cheaper or better. Kids under 16 don’t need a license here in ND. Jigs and tails are cheap and live bait is not necessary. Have a garage sale, pack the mini-van with lawn chairs and the BBQ, take vacation days, call in sick, do whatever it takes but get over here while the bite is hot. Fill your cooler and your heart.
For instant reports and pictures of fish as they are caught join me on Twitter
Google Earth GPS locations and audio reports go to :
Greg is a ND Fishing Guide and can be contacted at: 701-720-0447


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