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Fishing report from Lake Erie Ohio Coevanna Charters on Walleyes Inc. Your one stop internet fishing source. Last Update September 13, 2016
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Coevanna Charters
Lake Erie Western Basin Fishing Reports, Port Clinton
Walleye, Small mouth Bass and Perch Fall 2016
Sept 4 2016
Walleye and Small mouth Bass are showing signs of beginning to get active in Lake Erie's western basin. Spotty Reports are starting to come in drift fishing for walleye rock picking around the Islands on both the U.S. and Canadian waters. Cedar Point - Sawmill and Ruggles. Best depths are 6 to 15 feet. They are starting to bite which means just that there is by no means a burn going on. There are occasional catches ranging from 12 to 20 some walleye. Mixed bags 16 to 24 inches on the average. The water temperature in Lake Erie is still extremely warm 75 degrees as reported by TV 13 our local news station yesterday. How ever with the days growing shorter the water will cool soon to 72 degrees which should get the fall bite started. I am guessing about 2 weeks from now. Looking at the big picture walleye are being reported off Lorain, The weather buoy, Ruggles and Cedar Point. Which means they are not far away. They can easily move 10 miles in a day. So the deep water off shore shallow reef bite as well as the open deep water bite off Huron , Vermilion, Cedar Point can get under way at any time.
Trolling off Cedar Point to Sawmill to Ruggles and up near the weather buoy. Slow trolling crawler harnesses 1. 5 mph 60 back with true trips running the 30 foot shelf break from Cedar Point to Ruggles spotty catches some pretty good but that is the exception right now. The weather buoy deep open water fishing some are using crawler harnesses others spoons. 
It is good to hear that the walleye are close Lorain to the Weather buoy - Ruggles and east of Kelly's. Captains are reporting lots of marks on the graphs. The cooler nights and shorter days will trigger the fall bite soon.
Perch Fishing Report Sept 5 2016
Perch fishing remains very good. Taco Bell - D Can - Niagara - East of the Perrys Monument - Lucy's Point and around Kelly's. Perch fishing action pretty much over all remains good. As always if you get them started keep the bait in - it chums the water catching is as fast as you hit the bottom and you limit out fast.
Small mouth Bass Fishing Report US and Canadian waters Sept 5 2016
Small mouth Bass action has been slow on both the US waters and Canadian waters around Pelee including the east side of Pelee. Is the bass action slow because of warm water or clear water or both ? Are they around or did they go where home is more comfy because of the clean water the western basin experienced all year until just recently. The million dollar question for bass fisherman. On a plus we have pulled some bass recently fishing walleye on the rocks with spinners. Which is a good sign. As with the walleye the bass to will become aggressive as the water cools and the days shorten. The fall bite is about two weeks behind.

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