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Fishing report from Lake Erie Ohio Coevanna Charters on Walleyes Inc. Your one stop internet fishing source. Last Update September 15, 2014
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Coevanna Charters
Sept 8, 2014  Lake Erie Fishing Report Walleye - Bass - Perch Western Basin - Port Clinton, OH

The late season heat wave is over and normal temperatures coupled with a major cooling rain turned the fishing on. Limit catches of walleye were taken by experienced captains and crews. Deep water reefs with shallow structure. Both the Canadian Reefs around Pelee and the Ohio Reefs - Kelly's Island and the Bass Islands. Look at the Islands are above water level reefs and any shallow structure, bars etc with deep water near by is a prime area. Gold weapons, parish peas, erie dearies, tiny teasers are excellent choices for shallow water rock fishing. This type of walleye fishing is not for family crews. It requires standing casting and cranking to keep the spinners going and just off the bottom. When a walleye slams your lure in the shallows - You will be hooked as well as the fish ! The first of the big headed walleye are just beginning to show up. 

Smallmouth Bass
 Fishing in the Canadian waters down the east side of the Pelee and the southern Canadian reefs was very good over the weekend. Soft craws fished just off the bottom ten to 16 feet of water was best. When you hook your craw dont kill it come in about 3 ribs from the end of the tail and run a medium hook threw once so it swims and crawls. This will get even the most timid smallmouth bass attention.

Fishing action was best to the east of the islands. The dumping grounds off Cedar Point and Huron produced nice size limit catches for some in a couple hours. 

With the days getting shorter and the water temperature cooling Fall Trophy Fishing is now underway. The Bass Walleye and Perch will be on their fall aggressive feeding patterns.

Captain Dave 419-355-4732


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