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Fishing report from Lake Erie Ohio Coevanna Charters on Walleyes Inc. Your one stop internet fishing source. Last Update October 19, 2013
For more info on fishing lake Erie contact Coevanna Charters at or
Coevanna Charters

October 13

Lake Erie Fishing Report Walleye
Walleye fishing near the Huron Dumping grounds to the sand bar to the weather buoy has been very good. When you get a descent wind drift fishing is producing plenty of walleye including limits. These fish are pocket fish so when you find one - stick with it ! Out of 45 walleye today 10 were between 26 and 29 inches. No bouncers today everything came on the swing 15 count, medium steady wind 3/4 way around. The standard #4 deep cup Colorado blade hex pattern both Gold and Copper worked well. 
Spotty walleye catches North of C can in the western Basin to the Kidney to East Sister. 
The western basin walleye (west of the bass islands) are a smaller grade.
Small mouth Bass Bass fishing near the islands - western basin reef complex and Canadian waters remains good. The action on the western basin reefs has slowed a bit. There has been a lot of fishing pressure here and unfortunately I know a lot of these smallmouth bass have went home in baggies! I have watched the same thing over and over in both Canadian waters and Ohio waters. I have bonzi bass fishing action for weeks and as soon as the boats show I go from turning 70 to 100 per day to doing ok. Then the whining starts. I will be fishing areas that have had little or no fishing pressure. The western basin reefs are still ok for now. The bass are transitioning now from the shallows to deeper wintering areas. We promote catch and release bass are a sport fish.  Salt tubes - Big minnows are working - crayfish are done for the season - hibernating.
Canadian waters Sheriton Point to the Wheel. The perch are moving more towards the wheel - the thumb on the wheel. Canadian gill netters have arrived around Pelee - how much longer this perch fishery will last is questionable. Reef fishing for Big 2 to a lb rock perch are being taken. This perch fishing is slower but what a size. 14 to 16 feet of water. We had some good luck on the western basin reefs. H can near the moose and other shore line action should start soon as the water temperature continues to cool.  Kelly's Shoal- B can - The Finger-Doo Dahs to West Reef. 

Thank you for considering us for your fishing trip. You can text -call or e mail. I get text messages anywhere on Lake Erie. I look forward to talking with you soon.
Captain Dave 419-355-4732

Captain Dave 419-355-4732


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