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Fishing report from Lake Erie Ohio Coevanna Charters on Walleyes Inc. Your one stop internet fishing source. Last Update July 7, 2015
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Coevanna Charters
Lake Erie fishing report July 4 2015Lake Erie's western basin is loaded with the best numbers and different year classes of walleye that we have seen in a long time. Making this summers outlook July and August very promising.  Lots of western basin walleye. By this I am referring to younger walleye 1 1/2 to 3 lbs. The younger walleye generally remain in the western basin and do not migrate to the east.
The super two day blow from last weekend  muddied the water and has slowed the walleye fishing temporially.  It should be back on track in the next several days. There already is good visibility in the water in certain areas in the western basin. Perch and smallmouth bass fishing in the western basin has been excellent.Perch and Bass will bite in dirty water than walleye.Smallmouth bass fishing report - We turned 70 plus smallies yesterday fishing on the western basin near Port Clinton in the 3 lb range along with several trophies near 5 lbs. Best depth seemed to be 8 to 12 feet. Lots of action we had air born bass jumping trying to throw the hook 2 and 3 at a time with a party of four. Pretty much non stop action all day. Soft craws - big minnows and gobies. Yellow perch fishing report Port Clinton. Lots of perch pretty much up and down lot of grading resulted in a solid catch of 8 inch and up yellow perch. Heat up the deep fryer!!!The perch were coming in off color indicating dirty water near the bottom.  Which explains the spotty walleye bite at the moment.We perch fished  North of B can a mile.
Lake Erie's annual mayfly hatch is winding down and with each passing day less mayflies - hungrier walleye.
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