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Fishing report from Walleyes Inc for the Big Stone Lake area last update May 1, 2017
Weather has not been very kind to fishermen in the area with
cold temperatures moving in on strong wind making it
very difficult to be on the water all last week.
There were some that pulled on  their ice fishing clothes
and ventured out to find some fish.  Early in the week, fishing
off the docks produced a mixed bag for some anglers.
With a catch of a few walleye, perch and even crappie.
As the week progressed, anglers preparing for the MWC
tournament on Friday and Saturday hit the water despite
water temperature drop of ten degrees and winds over
20 mph.  On Friday only 26 boats out of a field of 60
weighed in any fish.  Anglers that weighed a single walleye
boasted of 5 plus pounds! Nice! 
The weather gave fishermen a break on Saturday with calmer
wind and warmer temperatures.  Saturday’s weigh in reflected
this with more anglers bringing fish to the scale.  The top weight
went to local bait shop owner, Artie Arndt, and his brother Scott
with a two day total of 20.01 pounds on 6 fish. Their largest was
5.12 pounds caught the first day.
Listening to the anglers share their techniques...it was all over
the place. Some jigged with minnows, some bobbered with leeches,
some trolled spinners or crankbaits. Location was narrowed down
to the south end of the lake for larger walleyes or up north in the
Shady Beach area for more fish, but smaller in size.
Kudos to all the anglers that fished tough conditions for their
Another cold/snow front is pushing through the area late Sunday
and into Monday...but the weather man “promises” we can start
setting the hook again by the weekend with temperatures
rebounding into the 60s
Schmidt’s Landing Resort
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