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Fishing report from Walleyes Inc for the Big Stone Lake area last update April 19, 2016
Preparations are almost complete for the anglers that will be
hitting the waters of Big Stone Lake for the April 23rd fishing
season opener.
The season on walleye, northern and large mouth bass has been
closed since the end of February.  On April 23rd the season re-opens
with the an advantage for Minnesota anglers, as they can fish these
waters with their license prior to the inbound MN lakes season openers
in mid May.
The ice left Big Stone Lake on March 16th this year. As one works along
the shoreline it is obvious that the water is very clear and cold! Surface
temperatures are just over the 40 degree mark and you can see down
to the bottom in 4 feet of water.
What all this means for anglers coming to test their early spring fishing
skills is the need to work the water in low-light or at night time. The walleye
will come into the shallow shorelines at night to feed and then retreat
to the deeper water during the day time.  Pitching jigs/minnows has
historically always been a spring favorite, followed closely by casting
crankbaits in water that is only 1 to 2 feet deep. 
Since no one has, technically, been fishing...many anglers will be fishing
memories from previous seasons to find the bite.
Schmidt's Landing Resort
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