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Fishing report from Walleyes Inc for the Big Stone Lake area last update July 7, 2016
Hot, dry weather has hit the Big Stone Lake area and folks
are at the lake to cool off, as well as, set the hook on their
favorite fish.
Big Stone has been rewarding anglers this past week with
some decent catches of walleye, perch, white bass and
even a bluegill or two.  The south end that was the most popular
spot all spring as become very weedy forcing many anglers
to try different parts of the lake.  By just drifting down the
center of the lake from Hartford Beach to the south – south east
toward the islands with a bottom bouncer, spinner, crawler
combination, fishermen have been able to pick up a variety
of fish. Not many limits of anything, but a nice mix to fry up
in the frying pan.
Some anglers have been targeting the perch and getting a few
put together. They express that the bite is very light...but
with persistence they are bagging some dandies.
Schmidts Landing Resort
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