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Michigan Walleye Tour Tournaments
sponsored by
Saginaw Bay Walleye Club
Last update 05-03-98
 Season Opener

Downriver Classic
The Detroit River hosted the Michigan Walleye Tour April 18-19 in what would turn out to be the largest tournament thus far in the tour's four year existence.  I I 8 teams competed for approximately $13,500,00 in cash, prizes and bragging rights.  Mother nature was much more cooperative although a lot of the huge females the Detroit river is known for had spawned out.Saturday brought sun, 60 degrees and flat water, Leaders after day one were the team of Petrucco and Rahn with 35.25 pounds, Second place after day one was Jobnson/Sowards with 34,80.  Lots of fish were taken to the scales but few 9-10 pounders.  Big fish on Saturday was a 10.5 hawg wrestled in by the team Petrucco/Rahn winning $100,00 contributed by sponsor Trenton Lighthouse Bait & Tackle of Trenton NMSunday brought clouds and a north east chop which of course speeds up the current and changes  some tactics.  When the scales were packed up Sunday afternoon the winners didn't have to worry about where the fishing poles were stored, Local team Joe Gorris and Mike Zielinski Jr, took top honors handling mostly Canadian waters.  Their total of 62,90 pounds beat second place team of Jones/Marple by seven pounds and a final weight of 55.70, Jones/Marple were jigging and running in both Canadian and American sides of the river.  Big fish of the tournament t was a 10,85 monster caught by the team Kanoza/Kolb winning a $100.00 contributed by local sponsor Mr. Minnow Bait and Tackle of Rockwood, MI. and another $100.00 gift certificate from Tournament totals include 803 fish weighing 3,050 pounds, A 3.79 pound average, There were plenty on six and seven pounders brought in, This is expected in a year with an early spawn and water temps nearing the mid 50's.  One ofthe more interesting things to note was how the economy has affected the tournament scene this year.  Lots of brand new walleye rigs showed up in every design and of course fully rigged.  If one really wants to see a boat show, come to a weigh in, It makes every boat show in the state seem small in comparison and there are no sales pitches to deal withl Another aspect related to a bootwng econo y is the number of sponsors.  Major tournament sponsor like  boatsand major sponsors like , Dodge, Gander Mountain,  and Autohelm Apelco to associate sponsors like Aero Communications, Tite Lok, and Boaters World are important to the tour.  There are many more but space limits us.  They will get mentions throughout this year.  This of course does not include the individual sponsorships teams have acquired.  It looks like the best season yet and there is always plenty of room for teams.  The next MWT will take place on Houghton Lake May 30-3 1. For more info contact Nels Larsen at (517)832-3626 or e-mail nlarsen@tm.net
Article contributed by Mark Sak, Woods-N-Water News

 Final Standings

 1st. Gorris-Zielniski wieght-62.90
2nd. Jones-Marple wieght-55.70
3rd. Johnson-Sowards wieght-54.30
4th. Juneac-Smith wieght-53.65
5th. Petrucco-Rahn wieght-52.95
6th. Leuenberger-Cserse wieght-51.10
7th. Wasser-Stickland wieght-51.10
8th. Kuffer-kuffer wieght-50.20
9th. Gorris-Mierzejewski wieght-49.75
10th. Myers-Collin wieght-49.20
11th. Manz-Yarborough wieght-48.95
12th. Schneider-Kapeller wieght-47.35
13th. Mink-Roberts wieght-55.90
14th. Reynolds-Snyder wieght-45.55
15th. Nagy-Hodges wiehgt-44.55
16th. Dinneweth-Velandra wieght-44.35
17th. Pettengill-Pettengill wieght-43.10
18th. Vroman-Vroman wieght-42.55
19th. Greear-sills wieght-41.75
20th. Paduk-Wisniewski wieght-41.10
21st. Romanack-Holt wieght-40.55
22nd. Krych-Tews wieght-39.35
23rd. O'Reilly-Story wieght-38.50
24th. Brunet-Aubin wieght-38.10
25th. Stone-Stone wieght-37.90
26th. Cejmer-Montroy wieght-37.05
27th. Uram-Kwokaski wieght-36.35
28th. Zmudzinski-Bourn -36.35
29th Banistra-Pomerleau-35.35
30th Lesh-Golab-34.99
31st Bradley-Veeneman-34.90
32nd Johnson-Bartoszek-34.80
33rd Cilitchard-Michelis-34.60
34th Szoke-Newberry-34.35
35th Lemmen-Downey-33.70
36th Wood-Durow-33.30
37th Valentine-Valentine-33.25
38th Novak-Kukia-33.10
39th Lagow-Lagow-33.05
40th Warner-32.70
41st Andreone-Steiff-32.55
42nd Kanoza-Kolb-32.55
43rd Howard- Wylie-32.35
44th Gouge-Harriger-32.00
45th Kiester-Vallus-31.95
46th Hamilton-Mainer-30.55
47th Lantzy-Haban-30.55
48th VanderWeilde-VanderWeilde-29.75
49th Stemen-Hansen-29.70
50th Bringedahl-Conner-29.05
51st Brousseau-Mater-29.05
52nd Kilpatrick-Schmidt-28.80
53rd Fox-Fox-28.35
54th Tschirhart-Raes-28.00
55th Hill-Hill-27.20
56th Elliott-Seibenrock-27.05
57th Murlick-Murlick-26.55
58th Victor-Glapa-26.45
59th Vredeveld-Drimstra-26.20
60th Tekiele-Scholl-25.95
61st Tindall-Scott-25.60
62nd St. Peter Jr.-25.55
63rd White- White-25.20
64th Barta-Zielinski-24.20
65th Curler-Curler-24.10
66th Mellema-Iverson-23.90
67th Gamburd-Lawless-23.10
68th Branstetter-McCurdy-22.90
69th Hoffman-Blume-21.85
70th Cairrocchi-Russell21.80
71st Miner-Miner-21.35
72nd Richardson-Peters-21.15
73rd Dean-Bolitho-21.15
74th Kuberski-Davis-20.90
75th Bohn-Bohn-19.60
76th Stoskopf-Haerens-18.85
77th Kaylor-Richey-18.55
78th Michaels-Michaels-18.25
79th Duncan-Bowman-17.80
80th Yancey-Brake-17.51
81st Fox-Michalic-17.50
82nd Chapman-Chapman-17.35
83rd Blinznik-Chamberlain-17.30
84th Causley-Majdecki-16.20
85th Hill-Suhr-16.00
86th Hughes-Scott-15.95
87th Wiggers-Holtrop-15.15
88th Comeau-Krzesak-14.95
89th Wilson-Wilson-14.60
90th Klutts-Klutts-14.60
91st Peters-Miller-14.40
92nd Fischer-Nagel-14.30
93rd Bohacz-Martin-13.55
94th Daniels-Daniels-12.90
95th Williams-Lawrence-12.60
96th Rogers-Clark-12.40
97th Deshanto-Deshanto-12.40
98th Mee-Ansbro-11.20
99th Cser-Matheson-10.40
100th Stoia-Stoia-10.35
101st Dejonge-Dejonge-10.35
102nd Wright-Gore-9.00
103rd Grange-Wamsley-7.00
104th Potter-Robinson-5.90
105th Lehnen-Dodds-5.65
106th Frederick-Dahn-4.85
107th Sanderson-4.70
108th Payne-Radionoff-3.80
109th Kares-Crawford-3.45
110th Cabble-Tatus-1.75
111th Sak-Budnick-0.00
112th Cutlip-Shea-0.00
113th McCreedy-Czuchra-0.00
114th Cady-Beeching-0.00
115th Kozup-Brinkley-0.00
116th Westman-Westman-0.00
117th Grohoski-Summers-0.00

                                                       118th Huston-Huston-0.00

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