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Updated: 07/05/02
E- Mail Mike Jelle

Perch Jerker charters Devils Lake, North Dakota

Greetings from the Walleye Whacker, Northern Nabber, Perch Jerker capitol of 
North America! The fishing has been great for walleye along windy 
shorelines, also areas that have a significant point creating water movement 
from wind are good. The other day we were fishing a point on the Flats the 
slip bobbers were going against the wind because of the current. If you find 
this condition keep looking around the area the walleyes are around 
A common mistake is to assume that Walleyes are at a certain depth or that 
they are only biting what the guy at the cleaning station says is all they 
would bite on. First off he was probably lying. North Dakotans are nice 
people but they just can’t tell the truth when it comes to fishing and 
hunting spots and baits. I have seen a guy tell the truth once but I didn’t 
believe him anyway! People have a funny sense of humor they chuckle when 
they see you rigging up with the ¾ ounce jig and 1” twister tail they said 
is “all I could catch them on” The real talented advise givers have some 
advise that sounds good but they haven’t been on the lake for years and 
didn’t fish then. Stick with your methods that work for you and you know 
will work, a fish is a fish in Nebraska or North Dakota. You will need to 
make adjustments for conditions such as a bait that you are able to fish 
through our flooded trees for example. It doesn’t do you any good to know 
that Al Linder got walleyes on a #5 Shad Rap with a Dot in 2 feet of water 
in flooded timber if your ability level is some where between an 8 year girl 
scout and my lab retriever. But You could possibly get a slip bobber to work 
and have some fun doing it.
Another thing, don’t be afraid to try something or somewhere new. I swear 
that if I put a boat on the sewer treatment pond that within ½ hour there 
would three boats and a waiting line at the ramp. Don’t be afraid to 
strikeout on your own there are no magical spots and no one will think 
you’re foolish as a matter a fact they’ll be there with you real soon.
The best way to learn new techniques and a new lake is to hire a guide and 
TELL   him that you want, 1.to see a lot of good spots and 2. To learn some 
new methods. This can be way more valuable than just going out and boating a 
bunch of fish the easiest way possible.
This past week we caught fish from 8 to 1 foot of water with many 
techniques. We cast Crank baits, we cast jigs, slip Bobbers worked, we even 
caught a nice walleye around 3 pounds with a big Dare Devil. Trolling with 
spinner rigs was not feasible in the shallow water we were finding fish 
because it was full of trees.
The shore fishing is good in the evening for walleyes and Northerns are so 
thick it is dangerous to wiggle your toes off the dock. The perch haven’t 
started yet but I must confess I haven’t fished for then either.
Good luck and I’ll see you on the water. MagMike

The fishing has been dependant on the weather and Greetings from sunny and 
warm North Dakota!
better at evening dusk. The water has been slow to warm and the fish have 
been slow to turn on. The northerns are going good along the roads and at 
the bridges. Some of the wind has been challenging at times yesterday was 
gusting up to 40 mph keeps the mosquitoes away though. The walleyes are 
bound to start getting back together soon and start feeding aggressively.  I 
like slip bobbers on shallow humps, casting jigs and twister tails, as well 
as crank baits in the trees. I also like to rig a bullet sinker and a big 
worm hook that bass fishermen use and use a 5” Berkley strike night crawler 
rigged weedless. I throw this into the thickest blow downs in shallow water 
much as I would fishing large mouth bass. I cast it over branches that I can 
see under the water, I retrieve it by swimming it over the branch and 
letting it drop straight off the branch to the bottom. I don’t retrieve it 
immediately let the worm wiggle on the bottom a few seconds. Them slowly 
retrieve it when you hit a branch swim it over and let it drop again. Most 
strikes come on the drop or just after hitting the bottom so be ready. The 
strikes are vicious on this rig but before setting the hook drop your rod 
tip toward the bait while cranking up slack line and set the hook hard. This 
will let the fish take it enough to get the hook in its mouth. Try it when 
you are hanging up too much and think the fish are there if you could just 
get to them. This is a slow presentation so don’t be moving the boat like 
casting cranks fish an area and then move a few feet. This is a great 
presentation for cold fronts that shut things down.
The perch are shallow right now. Fish them as you would in the winter, 
straight down and slow. I have NEVER   Seen a perch caught on Devils Lake 
while trolling a live bait rig such as a Lindy rig. I anchor the boat on a 
sand bar early on quiet mornings. I use slip bobbers on 4 lbs line with 
small glow hooks and a split shot. I will also drop a line with a small jig 
and minnow or Helgramites if I can get them. Parts of night crawlers also 
work well at times. Remember the high populations of shrimp cause the fish 
to not have to work hard for a meal so they will not chase your bait, give 
them an offer they can’t refuse.
I keep telling you about the new fish house we are designing and promising 
pictures next week. Well we are very close to done with the proto type we 
will have pictures in two weeks. This is a completely new concept in a 
portable but comfortable fish house. It eliminates the need to load and 
unload everything every time you move. It also is a very functional camper 
trailer. When set up the larger model will measure 16’X 8’. You would be 
able the haul snowmobiles, atvs, dog kennels, etc. A fellow that saw the 
unit being built is a contractor and thought it would be a great on site 
tool shop. We will have accessories available such as rod racks, heaters, 
power roof vents, bunks, lights. But I think most guys would just as soon 
buy the basic unit and rig it how they like, we’ll see. We need to get that 
far first. If you already requested information I haven’t forgot you, if you 
want information email me and I will get you on the list to get pictures. We 
are going to have a contest for the name of the fish house camper. The 
winning name will be one that we feel conveys the idea of a fish house / 
camper, The name should be easily recognized as unique. Some of the names 
being considered are, Perch Hearse, The Chameleon, Walleye Whacker, Perch 
Jerker, Ice Condo, Mag Mike’s Magnificent Fish House. The winner gets 2 days 
ice fishing lodging and a get acquainted tour for 4 guys. Also the use of 
one of the houses when you are here. See you on the water. Mike

E- Mail Mike Jelle or visit www.devilslakewalleye.com

Fish and hunt North Dakota Call 1 
888 438 6760

Devils Lake news, recipes, and other

Winter just hangs on we had 4 inches of snow Friday night with temps to 17 
degrees. The ducks were walking on the ice in the sloughs. The fishing has 
been slow because of it the surface temp hasn’t made 40 degrees yet but when 
it does I expect that things will improve fast. The pike should be done 
spawning in most parts of the lake so when it warms they will be real 
hungry. We still have some snow geese around but most have gone through 
already. I saw a large flight on the ground at lake 17 yesterday however and 
some new flights were heard going over last night. I expect that the walleye 
spawn will be a week away or until the water temp comes up some.
If you want to make a trip on short notice we have accommodations and guides 
available anytime before June first call before you come and we’ll set you 
Spring Northern Pike fishing is fun but many people don’t like to eat them 
because of the bones, if you send me your address and $9 for postage and the 
tape I will send you a copy of a video with me cleaning a Pike.
Here are some favorite recipes of ours for pike

Alfredo Mock Lobster
Boil three quarts of water with 1/3 cup salt and 1/4th cup sugar
Add an onion or bay leaf boil until onion is soft (just a couple minutes)
Cross Cut the boneless pike fillets into 1 inch strips

Add fish to water cover and remove from heat, let stand 10 minutes
Prepare spaghetti noodles according to the package directions
Melt a stick of butter or margerine
Heat Alfredo sauce
Drain fish
Serve by crumbling fish over noodles
Pour Alfredo over the top
Sprinkle with butter and parmesan cheese to taste

Pike Fry
Cut pike into small bite size pieces, this will allow faster frying and 
evener distribution of heat throughout the meat also the batter will be in 
every bite
Try a very light coating of pancake batter to bread fish use the just add 
water type, (use it dry) you will need to add salt but it is a very good 
breading. I also like many commercial coatings but a change of taste every 
now and then is good.

I have taken on a product that will appeal to you live bait fishermen. The 
Rig Roller was developed by a PWT fisherman to handle his spinner rigs. It 
eliminates a big problem with tangling spinner rigs and all the time that is 
wasted. It is like many of other rig holders in that you wrap your line 
around a spool, the difference is that it has a heavy duty spring clamp so 
you can attach it to your boat and have your hands free. The rigs are 
“realed” on because it spins free when clamped to the boat. They will be on 
the website at the specials page. $20 for 2 shipped to your door.

I am also taking orders for a net holder I have designed for my own use. 
After people fish with me they wanted one. What I call it is a net scabbard, 
instead of having a net waving in the breeze standing in a rod holder it is 
tucked out of the way against the side of the boat. Another advantage of the 
scabbard is that the net is not getting tangled up in everything. The 
netting is carried in a plastic coated canvas bag that is framed with a wood 
mouth.    When you need the net draw it out like a rifle from a scabbard. To 
put it back just slide it in I will have pictures of the scabbard on the 
site also.
I will take orders and make you one if you want one. They clamp to your boat 
you may need to drill one hole to mount it.

We are designing the ultimate portable fish house. I like the idea of a 
house being mobile but the small house on the market now are no good in the 
wind. Not that we get wind here but I have heard of it. They are also heavy 
and take a lot of room to transport in a truck or trailer. Another problem 
is the house is only part of what you need to load up all the heaters, 
augers, dippers, tackle, bait, lunch, beer, lots o stuff. Then if the wind 
blows you can’t get out of it! A big advantage to me of a hard sided house 
is that it can have a lot of the stuff left in it and it usually doesn’t 
blow away. The disadvantages of a hard sided house of course is the limited 
mobility and the need to have a tow vehicle capable of towing the big house. 
Another thing I don’t care for about a house with a floor is fishing through 
the floor rather than being on the ice. The new house addresses all these 
problems and keeps all the advantages of each. It will also double as a 
camper and atv trailer at the same time. It looks like it will sell around 
$2000. If you would like more information let me know when the prototype is 
done I will send pictures. We will also be looking for dealers.

Sorry about the length of this letter but you know how it is when you get me 
See you on the lake. Mike

E- Mail Mike Jelle
or visit www.devilslakewalleye.com

Build your own Clam by Mike Jelle
People have been asking for my clam type house design so I will try to describe it.  I have been to busy to do it the way I wanted to with pictures as I built one. But I will describe it to you. You will need a sled, go to a Fleet Farm, or Tractor Supply Store and pickup a calf sled. These are heavy black plastic
sleds that ranchers use to bring calves back to shelter after birth, they run about $55. You will want a sled with at least 6 inch high sides if you can't get a calf sled. Next you will need 4 10 ft sticks of 1/2" steel conduit costs about $1.50 for 10 feet. A blue tarp for a cover these are relatively cheap. 12ft x 18', 2 1/4" bolts 6" long, and mechanics wire (get galvanized if you can). You will need a conduit bender beg one from a electrician freind or a light one is about $12. Bend the conduit depending on the length of your sled, measure from the middle of the pipe out so that after bending the bends are the same length, Note if your sled is too long you may need to extend the conduit in order to have enough hieght. If you need to extend your pipe just use 3/4" conduit and slip the1/2" into it and bolt it by drilling through both pipes. This can also be a way to collapse the tent when transporting or storing just by pulling the bolts
and pushing them together. Attach the pipes to the sled by drilling through the side of the sled with a 5/16' drill run the bolt through the hole and drill a
board to use as a support for this. Drill holes in the ends of the pipes and attach them to the bolt. This will allow them to clam over the sled and lay out
front just like a "Clam" house does. The conduit that goes against the ice is the critical one for sealing the wind. You need to get it down to the ice close to
the sled, what I do is bend a short piece of conduit at a 90 degree angle for this piece so it hits the ice straight down from the sled. You may need to use
another short piece of conduit to do this. You are ready for the tarp material. Don't worry how it looks! we are not going for a prize. Take the narrow end of
the tarp and center it on the sled, attach to rim of the sled with self threading screws through strips of wood into the sled, go all the way around except the
front where you intend to sit and fish.
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