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Moí Better Views
By Mark Martin

Underwater cameras and the latest gear is starting an on-ice revolution Way back in 1957, Carl Lowrance started a revolution with transistor and early echolocation technology he used to fashion a fish finder, an  instrument to tell depth and spot the critters below. Similarly, the underwater camera, as well as a new generation of additional accessories, is making its mark on ice fishing and changing where and how we fish for walleye, perch and other species.

In recent years, Iíve learned a lot and confirmed many of my suspicions 
about ice fishing with an Aqua-Vu underwater camera. Training the camera on my bait or lure, Iíve watched what movements the fish respond toóor donítóand have been able to refine my jigging motions. Iíve learned, too, a lot about favorite spots Iíd been fishing for decades and what ingredients tend to attract fish. An underwater camera has given me a newfound appreciation for fish behavior and location. And the technology is only getting more advanced, providing a more detailed, more powerful look at fish and structure.

You Lookiní at Me?

Aqua Views new Mo Pod
Aqua VU Mo Pod
A couple of new offerings from Aqua-Vu are going to figure into my ice fishing and should continue to help the learning process unfold. The Aqua VU Mo Pod for instance, is a wireless remote control with a 100-foot range that lets you rotate the camera without cable twist. Now Iíll be able to see in all directions not only to see fish but also figure out their travel pathways for additional holes that will catch the fish in, or on the way out, of a given area. 
Aqua Vu Ice Pro camera system
Aqua Vu Ice Pro System
Of further help is the new Ice Pro 
System, a unit with seven-inch screen for a better view of whatís 
below. Additionally, six infrared lights improve viewing in low light, 
a time when other cameras have been rendered ineffective.Of course, itís cool to see fish in the first place. Whatís more 
important is to notice what kind of bottom the fish are relating to, and how they respond to the movements of a lure. On the Great Lakes, Iíve seen walleyes migrate out of the depths following old net stakes from commercial fishermen. 
The times Iíve drilled other holes, Iíve looked for similar net stakes or patches of hard bottom, even zebra mussels.An underwater camera has also helped me figure out what to do when Iím jigging. For walleyes, my go-to bait is a Jigging Rapala (the #5 for inland, the #7 or #9 for the Great Lakes) with a minnow head or whole minnow on the treble. But while everyoneís tendency is to rip the Rap with sharp bursts, Iíve watched walleyes on the camera that zoom off 
with sudden movement. Thatís why, when I jig a Rap, I give it a light jiggle and little more, subtle maneuvers that keep the walleyesí interest. If they keep looking and not biting, though, I slowly lift the lure over their headsóa key trigger that often makes the fish bite. On the other hand, if you drop the lure below them, theyíre gone in a flash. With whitefish spotted on an Aqua-Vu, though, thatís just what you want to doólay the lure on bottom and the whitefish will pick it right up. 
Northlands Fire Eye Monnow
Northlands Fire Eye Minnow
Jigging Rapala
Jigging Rapala
The same basic jigging approach extends to spoons such as Northlandís Fire-Eye Minnow, holographic spoons to which I add a minnow to the treble. If the water is somewhat murky, I go with the Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon, a lure with a brass rattle in it.
Lazers, Traps and More
The Aqua-Vu also plays a role in where and how I set up on ice. Iím a big fan for drilling a lot of holes to give my friends and me the versatility to scoot from shallow to deep water, or to head in the other direction. Taking my StrikeMaster Lazer XL 3000, a 
three-horsepower auger that provides holes of 8Ė10 inches, I like to drill from shallow to deep to give our group the opportunity to spread out and try different depths. For base campsomewhere in the middle, I set up a portable shanty by Clam, a light,easy-to-pull shelter that, 
on the way out, holds all your equipment like a sled. .
StrikeMaster Lazer Mag Ultra Ice Auger
Lazer Mag Ultra
The Fish Trap Guide has room for two and the Fish Trap Voyager room for three.From inside the Fish Trap, Iím able to watch the Aqua-Vu and get an idea of whatís going on down below. Iím able to see how many fish are moving through, and if I think itís not enough, the StrikeMaster and 
Fish Trap make it easy enough to move. So do the predrilled holes shallower or deeper, where Iíll set up next. If itís midday, Iíll go deeper to soft bottom where walleyes hang in depths of 40 feet or more. Come the hour of low light, Iíll move in shallower, where walleyes cruise the edge of prominent structure to feed. Some additional equipment and preparations also enter the picture. Some great jigging rods come in the Lightning Rod Professional Ice Rods 
series by Dave Genz, a collection of rods from 24 to 36 inches in actions from light to medium heavy.
The rods are made with solid, not hollow, graphite to withstand punishing conditions. At the same time, the rods are made of higher modulus, stiffer graphite than most ice rods. The reason is that less graphite is needed in the rodóhence itís lighter in weight and more sensitive. Also yielding a feathery touch are five (instead of three) chrome-plated guides with stainless-steel 
inserts, another way to reduce weight and improve sensitivity and strength. I like them for jigging with Raps and spoons, and I often take a light rod with a Northland Fire-Ball jig with a minnow for a dead rod I set on a bucket, keeping the minnow about a foot above bottom. For manageable line, Iíve always liked Berkley 6-pound XL, but with the recent formulation called IronSilk, I can get similar limpness and manageability in cold weather but additional strength in case a big fish runs and scrapes against the side of a jagged ice hole. Speaking of cold weather, I also take care of my reels with Reel Saver Grease, a light, Teflon-based lube that wonít seize up in freezing conditions.Electronics, including the Aqua-Vu units my trusty Lowrance X-85 or the new X67C color liquid-crystal locator, Iím able to see fish and figure 
out how to catch them. It might take a little trial and error until you figure out your own favorite jigging motors, but by seeing fish on the screens before you, it takes far less time to come up with the right moves. With underwater cameras and the latest in ice gear, effective ice fishing is elevated to an altogether new level.

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Professional Walleye Anglers
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Mark Martin - Rapala Angler of the Year
Daryl Christensen - Super Pro Winner
 Ross Grothe - NAWA/Cabela's Angler of the Year
$425 per Person (only 84 openings)
Includes lodging, meals and guides.
All participants receive a fishing rod and tackle package.
For more information or to register,
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