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Team up to bring our Special Rigging package  to In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail members only at these great prices only through Walleyes Inc.  www.walleyesinc.com
Now you can have your boat rigged just like the pros.  This package give you the utmost in protection and security for your electronics and trolling motor and brings you the latest in fishing rod holders.  It starts out with the R-A-M 111. on the left  The most versatile , adjustable and durable electronics mount on the market.  Fabricated out of marine grade aluminum with a powder coated finish it can be adjusted in a second to any angle needed yet when tightened down wont move in the roughest of conditons..  This mount provides the vibration protection needed for those expensive electronics yet the whole unit can be easily removed in seconds for storage. Single unit price of  $28.00 order 111U for Lowrance and otherwide base models.  For Apelco and Hummingbird Units order RAM 107U for $30.00 each 

The next part of this pro package is the new R-A-M 108 trolling motor stabilizer.  Designed with the same ball and socket technology R-A-M is known for, this mount will take every bit of the vibration out of your trolling motor while all the time protecting the head, shaft and mount from damage.  As with all R-A-M ball and socket assemblies it provides for ease of installation ,mobility and strength and is backed by NPI's renowned Lifetime Warranty.  This is a must for any angler with a bow mount trolling motor. Single unit price of  $34.00 order 108U for Aluminum boats Lund, Crestliner Lowe etc. 

Ranger mount for RAM 108U-D
Order RAM-108U-D for all fiberglass boats to mount base on front deck. Includes D Length double socket arm extension model for Rangers, Warriors, YarCraft etc to mount to floor and trolling motor $65.00  this model used extensivley on the PWT and RCL boats by such noted pro's as Ted Takasaki, Rick LaCourse, Tommy Skarlis and others an absoulute must to protect your expensive trolling motor shaft and bracket

The final part of this great package is the new R-A-M Rod 2000 rodholders. R-A-M Rod 2000 The Fishing Rod Holder System For The Next Millenium! Endorsed by: Gary Roach, Mark Martin, Bill Dance, Larry Nixon and Joe Thomas it provides the quickest release on the market . With the mount designed so that it is up off the deck not sitting on the gunwales getting in the way.  Now you can fish like the pro's.  And as with all R-A-M products they are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.  For Bulkhead mout order RAM 114-BU $12.00 each  Extra bases order RAM 114 BMU for $2.50 each  For Flush mounts order RAM 114 FU $12.00each extra bases order RAM 114 FMU $3.00 each.  For rail adapters order RAM 114 RMU $4.50 each

To Look at more fine RAM Products on line go to www.ram-mount.com and download our complete catalog in pdf. format.  For action packed adventures in Walleye fishing on the internet.  Tips and tactics from the tournament trail visit Walleyes Inc. at www.walleyesinc.com
Make all checks or moneyorders payable to Walleyes Inc.  Mail  list of items needed along with PWT tournaments you are fishing  to Walleyes Inc.  4609 west 87th street Hometown Illinois 60456.  Add $5.00 U.P.S charge for orders $50.00 and below $50.00 to $100.00  add $8.50 $100.00 and above add $10.00 shipping.