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Bait Rigs pro Todd Riley Wins Saginaw Bay RCL Tournament with AstroBriteÔSpinner Blade

Bait Rigs® Tackle Co. of Madison, WI is proud to announce that Pro Staff team member Todd Riley, using Serious Walleye AstroBrite™ Blades, is the winner of the prestigious Saginaw Bay RCL Walleye Tournament.
Todd Riley Bait Rigs Pro Staff hoists a couple of the Walleyes that won him the RCl tournament in Saginaw Bay while using Astrobrite Blades by Bait Tigs Dateline June 29, 2002 Saginaw Michigan, Bait Rigs Pro Todd Riley of Amery, Wisconsin notches his first professional tournament victory winning over $90,000 in cash and prizes. "I have taken just about every place, but first in professional Walleye tournaments," said Riley. "This is just great. You work so hard to get here, and finally, when everything goes as planned, it is truly a great experience."
"I didn't do anything fancy to catch Walleyes all week," said Riley. "I just came from a
tournament in Wisconsin and still had my Bait Rigs Spinners tied on when I started pre-fishing. I stuck with the same spinners throughout the tournament." "We could catch Walleyes when we were fishing in an area that was receiving pressure, but the best move was to head away from the pack" said Riley. "The bigger Walleyes seemed to shut down when you had too many people pressuring them. We worked contours from 20 to 28 feet using Bait Rigs #5 Serious Walleye™ Blades in the new AstroBrite™ colors

The big fish were suspended and were really keying on the Sunfish colored blades. These were my GO TO bladesand I always had at least two of them in the water for the entire tournament." Riley's impressive one day weight of 38 lbs. 1oz. for (5) fish help him solidify the victory. Among his largest Walleyes, Todd had several 30" fish and one monster that weighed in at over 11 lbs.  AstroBrite™ Blades are among the industry's most comprehensive live bait spinner blades. These unique color finishes produce shimmering tones and subtle hues that simulate many of North America's most preferred bait fish.
AstroBrite™ Blades are available in both Colorado and Indiana and a variety of bait fish
colors. All blades feature a Deep-Cup High Lift design. Blades can be purchased separately or as complete spinner rigs. For additional information see our website at or call 800-236-7441.

Bait Rigs AstroBriteÔSpinner Blade Colors
Blaze Orange
Red Tail Chub
Copper Melon
Silver Melon
Emerald Shiner
Purple Shiner
White Perch
Yellow Perch
Bait Rigs Astro Brite Spinner Kit
Bait Rigs Walleye Spinner Kit 
363 piece kit
Bait Rigs Walleye Spinner Kit  363 piece kit features Astro-Brite #2 and #5 High lift deep cup Colorado blades and # 2 and #3 Indiana blades.  Also inclcuded in this kit is  Quick Change ®Clevise's, wide assortment of polished and ground attractor beads and  Mustad® Forged Walleye hooks..
Item # : 
Item Name : 
Bait Rigs Walleye Spinner Kit
1 WEEK Sale Price
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Bait Rigs Super Pro Jig Kit Super Pro Walleye Kit New !!!
Bait Rigs brings you  the Jig kit that won the In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail Super Pro on Lake Stockton in Missiouri.  This kit has been especially put together by Daryl Christensen   It contains 15 Oddball Jigs and 15 Slo-Poke Jigs in asssorted sizes and colors to meet all your fishing needs.  It comes in its own worm proof box along with special rigging instructions from Daryl.
Item # : 
Item Name : 
Bait Rig's Super Pro Walleye Jig kit.
Secure On-line ordering from Walleyes Inc.
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Bait Rigs Odd Ball Jig Kit
.Bait Rigs Odd'Ball Jig Kit
The The Odd'ball  Jig kit..  The most potent versatile jigging system ever put together.Ideal for swimming, vertical or standup jig presentations with live bait or plastic. Kit includes 12 jigs in 1/8, 1/4 & 3/8 sizes. Color coordinated and sized to fit, plastic bodies include Mann's protein leech and assorted grub tails. All jigs feature VMC performance hooks.
A total of 70 pieces all packed in a worm proof box. with rigging instructions..
Item # : 
Item Name : 
Bait Rig's Odd'ball  Jig kit.
1 WEEK Sale Price
Secure On-line ordering from Walleyes Inc.
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Bait Rigs Slo-Poke
Walleye Jig N System
Bait Rigs SS-65  Slo-Poke Walleye Jig N System 72 Pice Kit.  The Slo-Poke Jin N System is the ultimate approach to catching Walleyes in weed's, wood and rock structure  The system includes 12 jigs in three sizes 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 sizes. Ultra Sonic Orbitails Mann's protein leech and assorted grub tails. A wide variety of unique weedless live bait and plastic set-ups A total of 72 pieces all packed in a worm proof box. with rigging instructions..
Item # 
Item Name : 
Bait Rigs Slo-Poke Walleye Jig N System
1 WEEK Sale Price
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