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Fishing articles by Ron Anlauf on Walleyes Inc. Your one stop internet fishing source
Way too nice for a redneck like me
By Greg Schoneck

Devils Lake, where do you start with thousands of acres of productive looking shoreline, miles of open water and advice from every fisherman eager to tell his story? For me the answer is Al. I did the “change identities” thing and switched from fishing guide to fishing client. Ya, it was great, didn’t even bring a pole, just my coffee. Now the only question is where am I gonna stay? Any time I head out to somewhere new I get the nagging question sneaking in to darken my enthusiasm. Remember last time? Don’t plan on getting any sleep this trip. Ha, slept like a baby and pampered to boot. Holliday Inn Express, Devils Lake’s newest motel is what I’m talking about. Continental breakfast runs the gamut from yogurt to bagels, yuk all the way to a outdoorsman, sausage, eggs and coffee. Way too nice for a redneck like me.
This trip was a gas saver with 30 plus mph winds out of the west. By now you have heard the lake is up a couple of feet. Much higher and we can start fishing with our cars. In fact, check out the latest in ND style rod holders. Just slip the rod into your door handle, sit back and wait, with the heater on of course.
The 30 plus winds are down this morning and so is the temperature. Low, very low 30’s. You talk about cold front! Al and I discuss tactics but after spending a day in his boat I realize it don’t matter much what tactic you discuss, when with Al you pitch cranks. I had a feeling the morning would be pretty dull due to the cold front but was surprised with a limit long before the afternoon sun burned a hole in the clouds. First fish goes to Al bundled up in winter ice fishing gear.
We are fishing the north end of 6 mile bay and working shorelines with #5 Shad Raps. Holding the boat in 8 feet we pitch to shore and reel back with the occasional twitch of the rod tip. Al graciously passed on a fishing tip during the process. Try to pitch at a 45 degree angle ahead of the boat. The reason, you catch more fish, good enough reason for me. Most of the fish for the next couple of weeks are going to be concentrated in the drainages coming back to the lake. Walleyes are returning from the upstream spawn and will hold for a while in the first warmer water they find. Pelican would have been our second choice if we would have needed to make a move. By noon it started warming up and so did the bite.
We finish up all smiles, on the west shore of 6 mile, our best spot of the day. Firetiger was the color this morning but by late afternoon things switched to blue. Shad Raps are the go to lure when it comes to pitching but Al closed the deal several times with a countdown. Spooled with 14-6 fireline helps with snags and invisa-leaderhelps with the northerns. Wal-Mart and not very expensive either, not nearly as expensive as feeding $7 dollar cranks to hungry pike.

Every area has the landmark that is used to guide fishermen. You know, look for the snag , line up the tallest tree on the left and fish next to the sunken island. Six Mile’s land mark is the Pepsi Barn, completely sided with signs, the Pepsi sign being front and center. Times have changed with GPS and now even one better, Google Earth. If you want the bird’s eye view of our best GPS location today check out the illustrated reports on and click Google Earth. It will take you right to our location. Speaking of change you can now be the very first to know where ND Live is fishing as well as view reports and pictures as soon as they are posted. Twitter! I know that sounds a little fishy but we live in changing times. While at ND Live just click the link to follow ND Live on Twitter.
How tweet it is.
Greg Schoneck for ND Live.
Google Earth GPS locations and audio reports go to :
Greg is a ND Fishing Guide and can be contacted at: 701-720-0447 or
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